What is KuleTraffic?

KuleTraffic is a combination of 4 essential ingredients that every online business needs. We call it the 4 Building Blocks for success. We deliver Targeted traffic, a unique and exclusive solo ad mailer, a wheel of fortune with prizes to help you build a list and last but not least we give you a way to earn one heck of a lot of money from the site through membership sales and through the promotion of your own sites.

How does Kule Traffic Work?

You can read all about How KuleTraffic works right here: http://dreamlifestyleprofits.com/KuleTraffic/howitworks/

Is Kule Traffic free to join?

Yes, you can join KuleTraffic free and display your text and banner ad and earn a 10% commission on any sales that you make.

How many paid membership levels does Kule Traffic have?

There are three paid membership levels.: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Platinum level is our Founder level. Each level gives you more benefits and higher commissions. Watch for the special offers as you sign up. You will pay more for your upgrade in the member's area.

Does each upgrade get to use the Kule Traffic Solo Ad Mailer?

No. The KT solo ad mailer is exclusive to our Platinum ( founder members). It is a large mailer that reaches 10,000 plus members of our large lists of 650,000, so Platinum members area reaching a new audience almost every time they mail plus they can email all the Kule Traffic members.

Is there a downline mailer at Kule Traffic?

Yes all paid members have access to a downline mailer so once you sign up people under you, you can email your downline daily.

What is the Wheel of Fortune?

The Wheel of fortune is a list building technique where people come to the site and spin the wheel and earn prizes. Everyone loves winning prizes and at Kule Traffic you win Ad Credits so you can enter banner and text ads and assign these winning credits to them so they are displayed

Does KuleTraffic have an affiliate program?

Yes. You can promote Kule Traffic and earn commissions from 10% to 40% depending on your membership level.

How do I get paid when I earn commissions ?

We pay by Solid Trust pay or by regular check or by online check. (note: online check is a real check that is sent to any email address of your choosing and you can print it out and deposit it just like any other check. It is the fast way to get paid. You must have a printer in order to use this method of payment.

How often do you pay commissions?

We pay every Friday.

What Special Perks do Platinum Members have at Kule Traffic?

Platinum members have 3 very important perks at the KT site. 1) They get to spin and win daily traffic for life. 2) They are the only member level that has access to the 10k plus mailer and can mail every 2 days 3) They will get a unique wheel of fortune with their own affiliate ids in it. It pay to be a Platinum member of Kule Traffic

What makes the Platinum (Founder) Level so special?

Platinum members are the only members that get to use the 10K member mailer. They also get their ads on the main sales page of the site and get top billing on the Kule Profits page. They get to spin for free traffic daily so they never have to pay for traffic again. They earn high commissions up to 238.80. It pays to be a Platinum member of KuleTraffic

What is Wheel 2 - The Wheel-of-Fortune at KuleTraffic?

Wheel 2 is a unique way for our KuleTraffic members to build a list at KuleTraffic by using a unique wheel that has their affiliate links in the wheel for four different well-known sites. Platinum members of KuleTraffic or people who purchased the Wheel-of-fortune as a stand-alone product will be able to make sales at four different websites at the same time. You can read how it works here


Can I exchange credits for cash?

No. You cannot exchange credits for cash. You use ad-credits to keep your text and banner ads displaying on the KuleTraffic network.

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