Welcome to the Wheel of Fortune
The Wheel of Fortune is a division of our new traffic site, KuleTraffic, and it's the perfect feeder site to help you rapidly build a list and make sales from multiple sources.
We are over the moon about this site, so let us give you just a brief overview of what you are in for when you sign up for the Wheel of Fortune.
This Wheel of fortune has all the ingredients you need to run a successful business online.
That starts with having a list of people that you can mail to every day. If you don't have people to talk to via an opt-in list, your business will be dead in the water.
What better way is there to build a profitable opt-in list, than to give something of value away for free?
That's exactly what the wheel of fortune lets you do.
You show the wheel to everyone you know and let them spin it, they win a prize, signup under your affiliate link, and collect their free advertising credits prize.
Every marketer and business owner needs free advertising, and the Wheel of Fortune is the perfect vehicle to make your list building easy, fun, and lucrative.
You must also be able to reach your list members by email and reach them reliably every day.
Phil and I have been developing expert mailers for 20 years. We make sure your email gets through to your list. We guarantee your emails will get through to your Wheel of Fortune list.
So let's talk Money.
You can make a heap of dough promoting the Wheel of Fortune.
You earn 40% commission on every sale and that means you can pocket up to $118.80 per sale just from the Wheel of Fortune.
And here is the really unique part.
You can change the prize IDs in the Wheel of Fortune to your affiliate IDs, which means you can earn from every prize listed on the Wheel of Fortune and gain a substantial earning potential.
When someone comes to your Wheel of Fortune, they can win free advertising at five different sites. These sites will have your affiliate IDs in them, so when people upgrade in any of the five websites, you make the sales.
  • People visit the site.

  • They spin the Wheel of Fortune.

  • They win a prize.

  • They sign up to collect their prize.
The person spinning not only gets on your list but you may make additional sales from their spins. This gives you a huge opportunity for you to get continuous returns on your investment.
You are welcome to join free, but if you want to own the Wheel of Fortune and pocket some real dough by promoting it, watch for the one time offer as you sign up.
Okay, enough talk. It's time to earn. Spin the wheel of fortune, collect your prize and go from there.
By the way, Don't you love the name? The Wheel-of-Fortune.
Let's get started. Well see you on the inside.
Phil Basten and Jane Mark
Wheel of Fortune
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