How Kule Traffic works.
Kule Traffic is an innovative traffic site that meets our strict criteria for success online.

There are four essential ingredients to this criterion.

If you want your site to get noticed, you need these ingredients.

If you want to make sales day in and day, you need these ingredients working for you all the time.
We call them the four building blocks of online success.
  • You must have access to large, responsive, solo ad mailers so you can reach a fresh audience each day.

  • You must have a way to grow a list you own fast and mail to it daily.

  • You must be able to drive mass traffic to your websites.

  • And you must be able to earn high commissions from any site that you join so it's worth your while to promote it.
Here is how Kule Traffic works.
The sign up process.

  • People visit the site.

  • They spin the Wheel of Fortune.

  • They win a prize, or not.

  • They sign up to collect their prize or spin again if they did not win.
Most people we know love to win prizes. At Kule Traffic, the prizes you win are traffic, one of the four building blocks.

It will help you build your list quicker than a cat can grow whiskers, and you can use the downline mailer to mail daily to anyone you sign up.
The offer. 
Once you spin the wheel, you will see a popup that tells you whether you won or not, and then you will go to the sign-up form. After you signup you will see a one-time offer page which will give you four membership choices:

Free, Bronze Club, Silver Club, Platinum Club.

You will want to stop there are read the details before continuing to the member's area. You won't want to miss something that could be a key to making this year your best year yet.

Exclusive to the Platinum Club: The Platinum Club is the only membership that gives you access to the all-important 10,000 plus solo ad mailer, so read that carefully as you sign up. It is an exclusive mailer that reaches a whole new audience across our vast network of sites.

Because this is an exclusive mailer, it will cut down on the number of emails you receive, and it will also get the ones you send out a lot more action as you will have the only game in town.
The Kule Profits page.

In the member's area, you be able to add your text ads and banner ads, and they will appear on the Kule Profits page. Your emails will also appear on the Kule Profits page, and you will get that all-important traffic to your sites that you need to run any successful business online.

If you are a Platinum Club Member, your text ads will show on the wheel of fortune page giving you mass exposure for your offers.  
Where's the money?

You can earn from many sources at Kule Traffic.

  • You can make nice commissions on all memberships you sell. Commissions range from 10% to 40% depending on the club membership you choose.

  • You can make sales from the solo ads that you send.

  • You can make sales from the cash funnel in the member's area that allows you add your affiliate IDs for some of our popular bestselling sites.

  • You can make sales when ad credits from other sites are added to the Wheel of Fortune and if you are a Platinum Club Member of KuleTraffic you will be able to add your affiliate ID's into the Wheel of Fortune prizes.

  • Making money from any site that you join should be one of your mail goals and it is certainly one of the Big Four essentials
Bottom line.
Kule Traffic delivers quality visitors, so the products and services you promote gain the exposure and traffic you need to make money.

Kule Traffic does this by utilizing a magnetic psychological trigger called the Wheel of Fortune that gives people the chance to win valuable prizes, and who doesn't like to win free stuff?

Kule Traffic will help you build a list fast, earn more money, and gain the mass exposure you need for your websites.

And if you join now you will make more sales and get more signups, which you can convert into a steady income.

Enjoy this site and Prosper from it.

From the folks at JAM Marketing Inc.
Jane Mark and Phil Basten
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